AppleTv – details on subscriptions and benefits!

For the very first time, Apple has launched its own streaming app apple Tv on IOS, iPad, and macOS. Users can watch all the shows which is streaming on apple Tv plus. You will get to watch all the original stories and Tv shows directly through the app. Thousands of movies to buy or rent and its all in one apple tv app. It’s a great way to watch.

Now the best part is the subscription costs $4.99 per month and its a family subscription. with the launch, they announced that is you buy a device you will 1-year free subscription of Apple Tv.

Previously, on the iPhone and iPad, the TV app was called the Videos app, but with the release of iOS 10.2 in 2016, it was changed to TV, with the purpose of helping you discover new stuff to watch on your iOS device.

Now in 2019, the TV app has had a new revamp ahead of the launch of Apple’s new subscription service Apple TV+.The new updated version of the TV app is available in iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 as well as certain Samsung TVs and introduces a new look and fresh functionality that is consistent across all devices.

Watch now also suggests different things to watch. You can browse through different categories, too, like TV Shows, Movies, and Collections and the recommendations are a mix between human editors recommending you new TV shows and movies, and algorithms suggesting things based on what you’ve watched.

Single sign-on:-(a new feature)

From the moment you launch the app on your iOS device (and pass the intro/welcome screen), you will be asked to sign in to your streaming app provider. At this point, you will sign in once and be able to access all supported apps like the BBC iPlayer app for example. This is a new feature that Apple calls “Single sign-on”.