Asus Scar II review

The scar launched a few months ago with the updated GTX 1060 1070 GPU but now at CES Nvidia announce RTX GPU for laptops, of course, everybody as a source also updated the existing laptops with graphics card so we got a sells the laptop is a powered by is called an Intel I7 8758 with 16 GB of RAM with two 8GB sticks to them thankfully so that you don’t have configuration you got 256 GB and hard drive from Western Digital and along with that one terabyte firecuda ssd .

the Asus scar 2 gaming laptop has been heavily requested on the channel for a while now and I can see why it’s got my specs and looks pretty good so let’stake a closer look and hope you find out if it’s a laptop you should consider buying—- starting with the specs my unit has an Intel i78750 H CPU so 6 cores 12 threads 3.9gigahertz or core turbo and 4.1gigahertz single core turbo I’ve got 32gig of memory running at ddr4 2666 dual channel the most it supports of our most configurations for sale come with16 gig in dual channel for the storage it’s got a single end up to swap with me support and I’ve got a 512 gig nvmeSSD installed there’s also a single 2.5inch drive bay and I’ve got a one terabyte sshd installed here for the graphics there’s an Nvidia 1017 which powers the 15.6 inch 1080p 144 hertz IPS display and for network connectivity .there’s a Gigabit Ethernet port support the 802 dot eleven AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 5.0.

the scar 2 features a gray brushed metal lid andsmooth carbon fiber texture blackinterior with the camera pattern takingup half of it all corners and edges arecompletely smooth and overall buildquality felt quite good the dimensionsof the laptop a 36 point one centimetersin widthtwenty six point two centimeters indepth and two point six centimeters inheight so a little smaller than manyother 15-inch laptops due to the thinbezel which generally means an overallsmall body the weight is listed is 2.4kilos which is about what I found mindaway and with the 230 watt power brickand cable included the total weight increases to over 3 kilos it’s got an aword 15.6 inch 1080p 144 hertz IPS panelwith a 3 millisecond greater graresponse time no g-sync either and asalready shown it’s got fairly thinbezelsnowhere Shoesmith viewing angles colorswas still perfectly clear for me on anyangle I’ve measured the current colorgamut using the spider 5 pro and myresults returned 97% of srgb 67% of ntsc and 73of Adobe RGB sir not bad for a gaming laptop at 100% brightness I measured thepanel at 313 it’s in the center with an 870 to 1 contrast ratio so again fairly decent for a gaming laptop alright for all I thought it looked pretty good I’vetaken a long exposure photo in a darkroom as a moist case backlight bleedtest for the most part it was fine although there were some minor imperfections detected mainly the top right corner . the WASD keys are completely clear the Numpad is little cramped but not too bad and the arrow keys are a little small here’s how the key sound to try and give you an idea of what to expect there was some keyboard flex while pushing down hard but I never found this to be a problem during normal use above the keyboard on the left a hotkeys for volume up/down mute and the last one opens the ROG gaming center software which lets you monitor the system to the right of this there’s an air intake vent to help keep the internals cool and the power button on the right the touchpad was smooth to the touch and what well it uses precision drivers and it doesn’t click down it’s also got separate left and right click buttons which have a grippy matte texture and we’re quite to press moving on to the iron on the left there’s.

the power input gigabit ethernet port mini DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI 2.0output 2 USB 3.1 gen2 on type-a ports USB 3.1 gen2 type-c port although no mention of Thunderbolt here 3.5millimeter audio combo jack and the left speaker on the right there’s the bright speaker an SD card slot USB 3.1 gen2type-a port air exhaust fan and Kensington lock the to 3.5 watt speakers are found on either side towards the front and they sound really good for laptop speakers definitely some of the best I’ve tested in a while they do sound a little muffled at high volumes but there was some nice bass prison speaking of sounds like some other reasons laptops it plays this short sound on boot by default luckily this can be disabled through the BIOS. you can see the status LEDs here when the lids closed the front has an RGB lighting bar which can be controlled through software more on that next on the back of the brushed metallic there’s the ROG logo on the side and it lights up with the same effect that the keyboard and light bar have been configured within this case the rainbow effect you can’t give separate lighting effects to the front paw keyboard or lid. The battery powering the laptop is a 66 watt-hour battery and with a full charge and just watching youtube videos with the screen on half brightness lighting effects off and background ups disabled I was able to use it for an hour and 10 minutes not great it wasn’t possible to swap over to Intel integrated graphics you only seem to be able to use the Nvidia 1070 which burns more power as a result while playing TheWitcher 3 with medium settings and Nvidia’s battery boost set to 30fps the battery lasted for 56 minutes .

though we’re seeing the full 3.9 gigahertz or called turbo speed if the i7 chip in the red bar similar storyfor the stress tests where thecombination of under volt and over boostmode gives us the full performance ofthe CPU even under this worst-case scenario test better than many other 8thgen laptop’s I’ve tested these are theclock speeds I got while just runningCPU only stress tests without any TPload there are three built-in profileson the laptop called silent balanced and over boost these limit the CPU to 30 35 and 45 watts TDP s respectively and thefan speed also increases with each profile to aid cooling we can see thatunder CPU early stress test we get lightly better results with each profile well they’re not quite fullspeed unless we also apply the undervoltshown at the top in red to demonstrate how this translates into performance I’ve got some Cinebench CPU benchmark shere with the oldest 7th gen 77HQ just there for comparison evenwithout the under multiply at the 8750 Hscore with overboost my road is a littleahead of many other similarly expectlaptops I’ve tested with fullperformance achieved without a new Voltso a good result here are the GPU or inthe clock speeds while under a graphicalearly stress test Berthoud stock andwith the 200 megahertz GPU core epiclock applied although on average in thistest we’re only seeing a 100 megahertz boost due to power limitations on the graphics

The display is a full resolution IPS panel with 144 hertz refresh rate and will get into that specifically in Orbit show with all of this back into the same chassis we have seen with the scar 2 GTX variant First and foremost talk about the gaming performance which is obviously was probably the most important thing about a gaming laptop to my notes because I don’t want to give you that is wrong information of on battlefield 5 with dialysis and rtx turned on with the graphics settings set to ultra mind you weak locked 60fps average with on hellblade. we had 98 PPS average Shadow of The Tomb Raider run up 74 FPS average at Metro Exodus with Ultra settings RTX . Shadow of The Tomb Raider Apex legends top 100 FPS battlefield 57 FPS show all in all number jumped anywhere between 15 to 30% depending on the game very impressive no complaints that but the thing is you turn off rtx on let’s get it like battlefield old in Shadow of The Tomb Raider we noticed a minimum of 15% jump in average room rate so obviously rtx does take a toll on the performance.


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