DESCRPITION:-This is the best graphic card for all gamers out there .it has 12GB video card with 640 tensor cores and with a massive leap forward in speed .it delivers 100 teraflops per second of deep learning performance , NVIDIA Volta is the most powerful GPU in the world .the massive 21.1B transistors powering this GPU with 1200MHz base clock and 1445 MHz boost cock. Nvidia is packed with a huge amount of transistors because it is manufactured in 12nm style.

SPECIFICATIONS :-Nvidia titan v volta comes with marvelous specifications which is listed below .the strongest gpu has a base clock of 1200MHz and 1455 MHz boost clock.

As like

  • 6 graphics processing clusters
  • 80 streaming multiprocessors
  • 5120 CUDA cores
  • 320 textures units
  • 1200 MHz base boost clock
  • 1455 MHz boost clock
  • 850 MHz memory clock
  • 3xdisplay ports,1xHDMI connectors
  • Windows 10 64-bit,windows 7 64-bit linux,free BSDx86,solaries OS certifications.
  • 600 watts recommended power supply.

After all it has some +poins and -points:-



·        4k gaming

·      high end resolution

·        Does not support Nvlink

·        SLI  not supported

More about Volta

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