Samsung galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X – which is best?

It looks like 2019 will be the era of the foldable smartphone as we saw two smartphones from different brands which were published within a few months.

Recently we got Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei mate X which has many rumors and comparison. we will be talking about both the phone’s specifications and we will be comparing which is best. The Samsung galaxy fold folds on inside and Huawei mate X folds on the outside.

Samsung galaxy fold has a primary 7.3 inch Infinity flex AMOLED display but it also has a secondary display which is on the cover and that’s 4.6 inches. With the Huawei mate X it has 8 inch OLED display which folds outside and when it is folded down, it is split into two, So we have 6.6 inch front display and also a 6.3 inch back display which can be active.

So which one of these implementation is better?. In samsung galaxy fold the advantage is that you get a inside folding display which is protected and then you have a glass outside. These dispaly are based on plastic as glass doesn’t fold and also plastic is going to scratch much more easily comapred to glass. so the galaxy fold will be protected at all times whereas with the huawei mate X it is going to be exposed at all times. So when it is going in and out of your pocket, It is going to be more easily scratched compared to the Galaxy fold. But the galaxy fold has a few disadvantages because of this as first that you are not getting all screen display on the inside because there is a cutout for the cameras. Also the outer display on the galaxy fold although it is a sepatare independent display, it is pretty small 4.6 inches with quite bit of bezel.

With the mate x when the device is flats out, you have minimum bezel, you don’t have a cutout or anything like that and when the device folds out when using in one hand you are going to be getting much larger screen size with smaller bezels, and the way Huawei has achieved this is with the sidebar. So the sidebar kind of acts like a handle, like a grip, when you are holding when the device is flat out, but it also houses the cameras, but because of its quite clever design, the mate X doesn’t need a notch or any cutouts for the cameras. One of the things I have noticed from both of the presentations is that there are visible creases on both the devices.

Now we would be talking about the internals. the Galaxy fold comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, they may be an Exynos at a later point, and the mate X comes with kirin 980 along with the belong 5000. Now in terms of speed and performance, Both of these are very very fast processors, now when it comes to RAM the Galaxy fold comes with 12Gigabytes of RAM versus Mate X comes with 8 Gigabytes of RAM. Also, when it comes to software both of these devices come with Android pie but you get OneUI on Galaxy fold and EMUI on Mate X.

Now the thing with the Samsung galaxy fold is they have emphasized that they have been working with partnership with Google as well as lots of android app developers to optimize them for the galaxy fold. They have also introduced three app multitasking display so you can have three apps open at the same time. We have only seen two apps opening on Huawei mate X, and although we have massive 512 gigabytes of storage on both the devices. the galaxy fold comes with UFS 3.0 storage, so this is much faster, twice as faster as the current generation, so it does give the advantage overall in terms of speed and optimization. Of course this may change as time goes on when the apps get more optimized on Mate X as well, but by looking at both the display the Samsung galaxy fold has utilized the displays a little bit more as compared to Huawei Mate X.

Now let’s talk about the cameras, So overall we have three cameras on Mate X. On the galaxy fold, we have a total of 6 cameras. So on mate X we have a similar setup to what we have got on mate 20 pro. So that’s a regular angular camera with 40 megapixels. We have got an ultra wide at 16 megapixels, and then we have got an 8-megapixel telephoto camera which is going to give you an optical zoom. But the galaxy fold you also have a triple camera setup similar to what we have got on S10, So that’s a regular 12 megapixel, an ultra wide at 16 megapixels, and a telephoto at 12 megapixels, But then we also have a front facing camera when the device is closed, and we have two cameras when the device is open. One of these is the front-facing camera and then we have got a depth sensor as well.

So in terms of Mate X, we don’t have a front facing camera because you can use the rear camera for taking selfies as the device folds on that way. As far we can’t see a 3.5mm jack on both the devices. But when it comes to the batteries they hold one – one battery both side of the fold. Now the interesting part is that the Huawei Mate X has a larger display when it is open and close as compared to Samsung galaxy fold. So the battery backup will vary on both the devices. Now one of the advantages on mate X is that we have got 55- watt supercharge. Now, this is pretty insane, Huawei claims that you can get up to 85% of charge in just 30 min. Thus the Mate X doesn’t have a wireless charger as seems to galaxy fold it has a wireless charger and a Powershell to share charges.

Now the pricing , Samsung has told that the galaxy fold wil have a starting price of $1980 and it is going to be available on 26th of april. The Mate X is going to be around 2300 euros which comes a bit higher comapred to galaxy fold and the release is going to be on mid 2019. This price is for the 5G edition

And that’s what we know about the Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X.